​The Miss Missouri Scholarship Organization is a non-profit organization that awards scholarships to outstanding young women to help advance them academically and professionally. Participants have gone on to achieve major success in diverse fields including medicine, law, business, broadcast journalism, theater, politics, literature and more.

An official preliminary to the Miss America Scholarship Competition, the Miss Missouri Scholarship Organization, Inc. has a rich history of empowering young women to achieve their dreams and goals. Larger than the young women who have held the title of Miss Missouri is the volunteer team and Miss Missouri family who have dedicated their lives to ensure these young women have every opportunity available to them through this transformational pageant system. Miss Missouri has been wearing the crown for over 75 years. They are one of the largest providers of scholarship dollars to young women throughout our great state.

Participation in this program provides young women with the opportunity to promote platforms of community service, share their talents, intelligence, and positive values while serving as role models in their communities, all with the support of dedicated volunteers assisting them in their pursuit of academic excellence, service and lifelong success.

The Miss Missouri Scholarship Organization operates within the guidelines of the Miss America Organization while stressing individuality, personal development, communication skills and physical fitness.

If you are interested in competing, volunteering, donating, or starting your own local competition, please visit the Miss Missouri Scholarship Organization website.